About Me

I’m Rodylyn!

It's me--Rodylyn the Toronto CalligrapherHiya friend! Welcome to Nibs and Scripts--the Write Place to send paper hugs and nurture our connections with stationery! (Yes, I love puns..)

I'm Rodylyn (she/her); the hands and face behind Nibs and Scripts!

If my hands are not occupied with a pipette and microtube at the lab bench, they're holding a pen nib and inkwell!

I’m an analog gal in a digital world; since childhood, I’ve collected a plethora of fountain/dip/gel/ballpoint pens, typewriters and paper goods, but as an adult, I can’t deny the savvy and innovation of the digital stylus and keyboard! 

I've always doodled in my school notebooks, my pen pal letters, decorated my envelopes and birthday cards. I took a course in modern calligraphy to really get the foundations solid and just ran with it. My passion and hobby became more than itself; it became a business. It became Nibs and Scripts.

With Nibs and Scripts, I provide personalized and designed stationery, greeting cards as well as other paper goods. I'm so excited for you to join me as I use calligraphy to showcase this vintage art of communication via the modern day person.

Want to know more about the work I do or the tools I use? Read the crash course here, or peruse the FAQs if you have other questions.

So check out the shop, or contact me (contact@nibsandscripts.com) if you'd like something personalized or just want to say hi—enjoy yourself!