Handwritten Envelope Calligraphy

Are you sending invitations or birthday cards? Set the tone to your event by impressing your recipients with a statement in their mail box. I offer custom addressing of the envelopes with the power of calligraphy. Request a quote below or email contact@nibsandscipts.com

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How Does it Work?

  • Please fill out this form, I'll send you a customized quote
  • If you agree on the quote and contract, then a 50% retainer fee is required as confirmation, and I will reserve you on my calendar.
  • Once the work is complete, I'll send along a photo with an invoice for the remaining balance of the order.
  • Full payment is required before the completed order is shipped/picked up.


Standard Rates:

  • Outer Envelope (up to 4 lines), handwritten - $5 per envelope
  • Outer Return Address (up to 4 lines), $2 per envelope
  • Inner Envelope (up to 2 lines), handwritten - $2.50 per envelope


  • Additional lines - $1.50 extra per envelope
  • Metallic or Shimmering Finish non-black inks (eg. Gold, Silver, Bronze, etc.) - starting at $2.00 per envelope or a bulk discount.
  • Matte Finish non-black inm (eg. White, Purple, Red, Pink, Blue etc.) - starting at $1.00 per envelope
  • Flourishes - $1.00 to $2.50 per envelope (will vary based on extent of flourish or flourishes).
  • Unique Envelope Layout - $1.00 and up per envelope (a non-traditional format such as having the address written diagonally). You can find some examples in the envelope gallery

Things to Note


  • If you are sending me your own envelopes please add 15% more envelopes to account for additions, testing and human error: I.E. If you're sending 100 envelopes, please add an extra 15 (Total 115 envelopes)
  • Any unused envelopes will be returned with the completed project
  • Turnaround time (dependent on size of project) can be between 2-4 weeks for testing and finalization; please keep this in mind for choosing your return date.
  • Unless specified and asked, this service does not include card stuffing or postage. I will only have the completed envelopes sent with your original order.
  • Please ensure spellings of guest list is double-checked; names and/or addresses will be written as is.

Still Interested? Here's what I'll need :D

I'll need your address list!

You can send use this Google excel template; download to make a copy first :)

Please ensure all information (appropriate attributes, punctuation, spelling, abbreviations) are correct:

  • No abbreviations/nicknames please, except for Mr., Mrs., or Ms., unless of course you would prefer this.
  • Specify if I will use "&" or "and"
  • Write out the words "Street", "Boulevard", "Avenue", etc., unless you don't mind these terms abbreviated.
  • Your list will be addressed exactly as your list provides, so please double check your entries. You have control over how formal or informal the addresses should be written, but I cannot be held liable for errors in your entries. It's your project, let me help you make it great!
  • If there are any last minute changes after sending your original list, please email the specific changes, not the whole list again.

Please Remember

All of my envelope calligraphy is done by hand. There may be slight variations in size, colour, style, margins, spacings and centering throughout the order. All custom orders are final upon return to the client. I will always do my best to provide progress photos and ensure everything is as perfect as possible!